Paul Butscher is in search of a constant sound. Evolving and stable.
Gentle, precise, full of emotions, from the lightest to the darkest.

Whether on flugelhorn, trumpet, sometimes voice or synthesiser, he aims to take us in through his melodies. Allowing us to think and dream. Giving us the chance to be reunited with our neighbours in the audience or with ourselves on our sofa.

The collective approach is at the heart of his versatile exploration, drawing on experiences within projects led by other personalities.
To learn. About himself. (and his environnement). And expressing it in sound.


Based in Bern, Paul Butscher is a trumpet and flugelhorn player who has been actively involved in music since the age of 16, performing in diverse pop-ska-jazz-hip-hop bands. His musical journey has taken him to some of Switzerland’s largest festivals, numerous clubs, and on tours across Europe and China. Additionally, he has recorded several studio albums.
Alongside his stage and studio experiences, Paul earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychomotricity in 2014 and worked in that field for a few years.
In 2019, he made the decision to fully commit himself to music and embarked on a Bachelor of Arts – Jazz program at Bern-HKB. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Performance with mentors such as Ralph Alessi, Matthieu Michel, Colin Valon and many others.

In addition to his work as a sideman, Paul is currently involved in the following collective bands: ARBRE, 3TTM?, and Sirup Dream.

Actual sideman activities: Anna Kalk Quartet, Aino S. , Assonance, Jonathan Salvi’s Arugula sextet, Pale Male, Dane Itte, Klacken, Im Nu, Ulysse Loup Large Ens., Jan Dither Large Ens.
Performances (selection): BadBonn Kilbi, JazzOnze+, Cully Jazz, Paléo, Montreux Jazz, JazznoJazz, Cologne JazzWeek, Moods, bee-flat
Past projects (selection): Jacob Hannes, Yakubané, Enterfenster, Koqa Beatbox, République Atypique, Ska Nerfs

– Suisse Diagonales tour 2024 with ARBRE
– ZKB jazzpreis 2023 with ARBRE
– DSKJ tour 2022 with Im Nu
– Swiss Live Talents 2017 (cat. Urban-Hip-hop) with Koqa Beatbox